Developer - Designer Relations in Built Environment
Sevki Balmumcu Hall
Start: 15 October 2008 14:30
Finish: 15 October 2008 16:00

This workshop aims to create new discussion platforms between the actors of construction sector while redefining of relationship in the period of integration to global world. Focus point of this workshop will be relation between two indispensable actors at construction sector, where many actors and more multi-layer relations take place rather than past; "developer" and "designer". Appearence of new investments fields or new speculation at the existing investments fields capital movements mean new capital funds. This movement aims maximum profit at a global level and redirected to channels which are created by ?developer's. "Developer's" main function is to redirect the capital movements. So it is expected from "develeoper's" to be leader entrepreneur. From early republic days to 1980's, there happens a slowly change at the active role of public capital as a "devoloper's". Public leaves the role of investor and only gets the role of law-maker, incentive, land developer in short terms role of market arranger that makes difficult to describe who gets the real role as "developer" (public-private sector). Especially during this period public arranges new legal regulations and incentives to build up new matket dynamics and redirect the private capitals' investments that can be named as fluctuation of transitional period. Decisions of private sector's investments are always defined by public initiatives.Private sector, as a power which has expectations from goverment, supports its market power with supports of goverment. This situation creates the question: Who is the real "developer" in Turkey? International investors join the private sector's capital at construction sector in 2000's. Importance of real-estate sector ar global scale makes international investors be interested in Turkey, İstanbul. New investments fields, in a wide range such as tourism to malls, houses to offices, have been created fastly. In this period, instead of public sector-goverment developer is international private capital that also defines the regulator role of goverment. It has to be remembered that the "developer's" main actors of world- are not alone in redirecting the capitals and they are in defined-relation with many actors in this social and economical structure. These defined-relations may vary depending on geographical social and economic structures. On the other hand there are new service sectors and new actors by booster power of international standarts. The most important actors of these are REITs. REITs can be accepted as new developer's who redirect national and international capitals and have defined-relations with many actors in this period.

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