About 40 years from now, two people out of three in the world will be living in the cities. Against the rapid increasing of urbanization, the most notable responsibility of the consequences is shouldered to a couple of professional areas: Urban planners, municipalities, architects, investors, developers, constructors and building material producers.

Harmonious coordination between the professionals in these industries is crucial while we build cities in which residents live with total satisfaction. However, it is questionable whether we had developed a complete dialogue between different actors in our urbanization history, even though we had had many experiences. We are used to find a single actor in most of the urban problems, usually the municipality or the architects, planners. However, every issue in an urban context acts like a domino stone which affect each other decision, from urban master plans of municipalities to decisions of property investors, from architectural design to the financial models.

On the other hand, we have a constant concept: "Quality" is a concept which does not have a certain definition and changes itself continuously however the desire for quality never disappears. Better, nicer and the most advanced is always desired. A building which is found qualified today, can become ordinary a couple of year later. Something very trendy becomes out of fashion in a couple of years. However, the quality value never disappears if established strongly in the initial production phase of in every scale. Partners need to be unanimous and work accordantly for continuous setting up of our addiction to quality in urban and building scale as a main drive of urban development.

Developing standards and to set up healthy communication platforms to organize coordination between different actors have priority in urbanization agenda. ArkiPARC is developed with this agenda in mind and will hopefully establish a strong link between different actors of the urban and architectural professionals.

The main theme of first ArkiPARC meeting has been decided as "Dialogue for Urban Quality", to emphasize the demand for quality and communication. ArkiPARC meeting series, which will be reviewed by everyone who have an opinion for "Urban Quality" is another important step to build more qualified buildings and cities.