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Richard Brecknock
Director - Cultural Urban Strategist and Planner

Richard is an urban strategist, a Director of Brecknock Consulting P/L, Brecknock International P/L and an Associate of COMEDIA. Brecknock Consulting is an Australian cultural planning and public art consultancy established in 1988 and has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne. COMEDIA is a UK “Think Tank”, founded by Charles Landry, that focuses on issues and research into urban strategies associated with “Creative City”, the “Art of City Making” and “Intercultural City” concepts. Richard is committed to developing culturally rich urban environments. He believes that culture underpins every aspect of our lives and decision making and needs to be better recognised as the foundation element in building creative and sustainable communities. This, he believes, can be achieved through: culturally relevant urban planning and design; culturally informed economic development; culturally appropriate community engagement; and the creative integration of artworks into the public realm. Over the last twenty years Richard has undertaken projects and presented professional development workshops in Australia, New Zealand, England and Norway.

Event Participation: Creative City Mechanisms