Press Registration
ArkiPARC, annualy will host many press members along with the national and international guests. Press members can attend the ArkiPARC events after they complete their press registrations. Registered press members can use the press room prepared for them and they may organize specific interviews with the speakers of the ArkiPARC. Registered press members will benefit from all of the amenities served to the ArkiPARC guests.

Who can register as Press Member?
Only full-time journalists, editors, correspondents, camera crews and photographers can register ArkiPARC free of charge as press members. Their applications will be analyzed by ArkiPARC press relations department and after confirmation they will receive their Press Badges.


Apart from the positions listed above, other members of the media companies such as administrative members, sales and marketing department members, PR staff and any other departments' members may attend ArkiPARC only after they pay their registration fee as usual guests.


What to do to register as a press member?
1)    Fill out the PDF form on the website and send it to the fax number: +90 216 386 94 30. You may also register the online form.
2)    Send a signed confirmation letter stating your position at your company which is newer than 6 months old.
3)    If you are registering for the first time, you should send a copy of any of your article, news or similar text that you have written in 6 months period. If you are preparing a TV or a radio program, a copy of one of your program clips should be sent.


* Deadline for press registration is announced each year.
* Press members who would like to attend the event, should follow these registration steps.
* There is no press registration desk at the event venue, you should complete your registration beforehand.
* Press registrations are annual and expire each year. Your previous registrations to the ArkiPARC is not valid.


Confirmed press members can get their Press passes from the entrance to the venue during the event day by showing a valid pictured ID card.


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