ArkiPARC, is a registered trademarkf of Arkitera Architecture Center.

Arkitera Architecture Center is an independent architecture center that has been dedicated to sustain a better architectural practice, enhance the architectural culture and to raise the architectural quality in Turkey.


The center has a different structure than those of the other centers around the world which are either supported by various funds that are reserved for NGOs or by the governmental institutions. Arkitera works like an NGO that is not dependent on any institution. All the activities and events of the center are planned with regard to the needs and capacities of the architecture setting in Turkey.


Arkitera Architecture Center, started his first web publication, on 9 October 2000 after a several months of preparatory work. Following that, other publications and events were also initiated.


Having supported several activities since the time it was founded, the center has collabarated with several firms, institutions and universities and has assigned the role of being a platform to discuss the problems of the built environment and the city. All the events and activities held are realized with the collobaration of various institutions and the sponsorship of several firms. The sponsorship of firms, which are more than one in number, enable to sustain the independent nature of the center.


Arkitera was awarded with the "Contribution to the Architectural Education" prize by the Turkish Free Lance Architects Association in 2004.