What did they say?

İlhami Akkum (İTÜ Master of Civil Engineer, appraisal consultant)
You have managed to organize a very successful conference despite the negative aspects of the recent year that we all experienced. I congratulate you once again. I have to admit that, even though I had 25 years of experience in this industry, ArkiPARC had contributed to my professional development I had the opportunity to meet with interesting people whom I may develop new collaborations with. This shows that ArkiPARC has the ability to develop new networks. See you in 2009.

Emre Arolat (Architect)
This event, organized by Arkitera is really sparkling. We had passed thru times in which even the thought of such an event is problematic. I wish to thank Arkitera that I was able to be in such an international event.

Erdoğan Bayraktar (TOKİ President)
In todays world, where the economic crisis initiated by the American mortgage system crash is affecting everyone around the globe, such events like ArkiPARC is really important since it delivers hope and creates energy among people and creates awareness to the collaborations.

Emre Çamlıbel (Soyak Holding, Deputy CEO )
ArkiPARC 2008, organized by Arkitera Architecture Center, has become an organization in which national and international professionals of the architecture, property development and construction industries meet together. With this organization, we had realized that sustainable urban quality is possible with a common mind.

Haluk Çelebioğlu (Siemens Home Appliances Sales Director)
As Siemens brand, we aim to support our business partners and to the society by various events. Siemens is the leading fixed-in home appliances and thus we are highly preferred in housing projects. Sponsoring ArkiPARC, in which it is aimed to raise the urban quality and thus the living quality, was very important for us. This event brought all the three major actors of the built environment together and thus created a discussion platform. It is nice to see that there are other alternative platforms where the producers can meet up. Competitions, conferences, panels on housing issues helps us to come together with the property developers and architects. These meetings also cause the first steps to be taken for the standardization of the construction industry. We wish such standardization struggles are dispersed all around Turkey which will eventually bring the quality that we deserve.

Güniz Çelen (Çelen Corporate Appraisal Executive Board Director)
We had made a very successful event with many qualified professionals and shared our knowledge of urban planning. I think the people who had the chance to listen the “Metropolitan Planning Experiences and Istanbul Case” panel are very lucky. Because, it is rare to catch up with such a rich opportunity.

Uğur Dumankaya (Dumankaya Construction Executive Board Member)
We as Dumankaya define our mission as “creating living spaces which gives identity to the city”. In other words, while we are renewing the city, we are operating by contributing to the city's identity, its historic and cultural values as well as its environment. We believe that these values will carry both our industry and us further and we support every effort which shares these beliefs. Thus we think ArkiPARC 2008, “Dialog for Urban Quality” event is very important for the development of our industry.

Zeyyat Gümüş (Kartal Municipality Vice Mayor)
Municipalities are having difficulties to make the right projects. Thus, such event as ArkiPARC is very important for the municipalities.

Oğuz Satıcı (Turkey Exporters Assembly President)
I congratulate the organizers of ArkiPARC. It is very important to organize such a long waited conference on architecture and urbanism which contributes to the value of Istanbul.

Haluk Sur (ULI Turkey President)
Arkitera has organized an international event where property investors, architects, engineers, project and consultancy firms, investment companies, contractors and construction material producers, in short every circle on the chain came together.

Celal Toroğlu (Feniş Technical Products General Manager)
The “Dialog for Urban Quality” conference has been a good start. I wish, this event you started will contribute to the awareness of our urban conditions and the need for quality in built environment. ArkiPARC 2010 proved that we'll achieve the higher levels of civilization only by creating cities in good quality. I thank Arkitera with all my hearth.

Feridun Uzunyol (Marshall General Manager and Member of the Executive Board)
ArkiPARC is one of the many successful events that Arkitera had organized and it will help the mission of “Urban Quality” to be distributed in many scales in the future.  We as Marshall know that, color has very important effects and importance on creating the urban identities. The discussion of color on such platforms is very encouraging. As a first step, we believe Istanbul will have the World City mark by correct building processes and re-coloring it.