Who's Participan?

Property Developers
Architecture and Urban Planning Offices
Property Service Companies
Municipalities and other related state institutions
Construction Material Producers


As an audience
In order to attend ArkiPARC as an audience, it is required to pay the registration fee. After you register, you may attend the national and international conferences, discussion panels and special events of ArkiPARC 2010 and also via the ArkiPARC website, you may contact with other registered people.


Online Registration| Registration PDF Form

As a speaker
ArkiPARC speakers are designated by each year's ArkiPARC Advisory Board and Arkitera Architecture Center. Speakers are not selected by any kind of personal relationships, sponsorship or registration to the event, but they are selected carefully by evaluating their possible contribution to the event and the demand to their knowledge. If you think, you should be considered as one of the speakers of ArkiPARC, please contact with us.


As a Sponsor
Within ArkiPARC event venues, specific limited promotional advantages will be given to the sponsors. It is expected from the sponsors that they will use these spaces as hot contact points with potential clients in a creative manner rather than as a conventional exhibition space for their products and services. Apart from these contact points designated for sponsors, special meeting venues and times will be created for sponsors where they can meet up with important key actors of the industry.


In order to get more detailed information about sponsorship please contact us via our contact form.


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