A Professional Place of Interaction and Benefit

Having a series of qualified communicational and sectoral experiences in the background, ArkiPARC aims a totally different point of view with the “meetings” concept. ArkiPARC differs in its successful definitions for the problems which are not currently coming into question, but were existing for long periods of time and still remain unsolved. With this perspective, ArkiPARC has the goal to fill the sector’s “real” needs and expectations, both at individual and corporate levels.
The event defines the term “fair” anew, refusing the perception of it being a shallow exhibition organization. It creates a professional place of interaction and benefit where exhibitors, visitors and the sector come together. A qualified fair experience, which will make all visitors feel comfortable is the key element of this new concept. Event Programme is developed to provide the visitors an intellectual platform where they can participate in a real environment of dialogue.

The communicational activities carried out within the ArkiPARC Communications Programme will soon enable that the event is known at both national and international levels. Also the cooperations with several institutions and organizations will create the opportunity that will make ArkiPARC’s number of international visitors increase to proper standards of Turkey.
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