İlhami Akkum (Mentor Project Management-PMP, FRICS, MSc. CE)

Ilhami Akkum is currently Acacia Real Estate's Principal in Turkey. Acacia Real Estate is a participation of Bahrain based TAIB Bank. Previously he worked as TSKB REIC's General Manager, as Finans REİC's Deputy General Manager and Yapı Kredi Koray REIC's Business Development and Investment Manager. He had his real estate debut with KORAY YAPI in Istanbul. As part of his Constructıon Management career, he served for Koray and Acer. He also worked for Kumagai Gumi at Çırağan Palace Project and Pegel Arabia's Construction Engineer. He finished Istanbul Universıty's Financial Management, Istanbul Technical University's Construction Management MSc and Istanbul University's Construction Management Programs. He graduated from Boğaziçi University with a BSc in Civil Engineering. He is a certified Real Estate Appraiser and Project Management Professional.

Avi Alkaş (Jones Lang LaSalle-Country Chairman)

Avi Alkaş was born in 1956 in Istanbul. After graduating from Robert College, he completed his bachelor  study and master degree in İstanbul Boğaziçi University, Department of Management. After working as a real estate and financial advisor in Akmerkez, Carousel and Izmit Outlet Center projects, he established his own company “Alkaş Shopping Malls Consultancy” and continued to work as a real estate and financial advisor in the projects of Olivium, Nautilus, Armada, Koru Park and İstinye Park Malls in Istanbul as well as Park Mall in Kayseri. His company is certificated with ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers), SCSM and SCMD accreditation. Alkaş is still a member of ICS Europe Management Group and ICSC European Jury. Alkaş has been working as the chairman of Lang LaSalle Turkey since the joint venture of Jones Lang LaSalle and Alkaş Consultancy. Avi Alkaş is married with 2 children.

Zafer Baysal (Rönesans Real Estate Invesment-Board Member)

Born in 1967 in Ankara, Zafer Baysal is graduated from T.E.D Ankara College. Following his undergraduate education in the Department of Civil Engineering of METU (ODTU), he earned his MBA from Bilkent University in 1990. The following year, he also completed his second master’s degree in the Department of Building Mechanic (Yapı Mekaniği Departmanı) - METU (ODTU). He started his work life in Interbank in 1990 and served as vice general director of 1998 Bayındırbank. In 1999, he was assigned as the general manager of the bank in Moldavia. After his return to Turkey at the very end of 2002, he served as the chief finance officer of Bayındır Holding until 2006. Mr. Baysal who also gave lectures on foreign affairs and international loans for four years has been working as the board member in charge with finance and real estate rents in Rönesans Real Estate Investment.

M. Emre Çamlıbel (Soyak Holding-CEO)

Emre Çamlıbel has more than 16 years of experience in project management and business development primarily focusing on the real estate sector. He currently serves as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the Soyak Holding and is also the President of the Real Estate Group. M. Emre Çamlıbel started his career in 1992 at STFA, Turkey as a civil engineer and continued at Kennedy & Rossi Inc. and Walsh Brothers Inc., Boston USA as a project engineer and manager. In 1998, he joined Soyak where he initially served as the Assistant to the General Manager at Soyak Construction and later as the Project Development Coordinator at Soyak Holding. In 2005, Soyak Yapı was classified in "Turkey's Superbrands" catalogue by the world famous "Superbrands" organization. In 2007, Soyak Yapı maintained its sector leadership as the first and only real estate company to receive the "National Quality Prize" awarded by KalDer (an EFQM partner). He is a member of the Turkish Quality Association, member of the Board of the Real Estate Investment Trusts Foundation (GYODER, Turkey), Chairman of the Real Estate Development Committee and an Executive Committee member of the ULI Turkish Chapter. Çamlıbel holds a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. He is currently working towards his doctorate degree at the Boğaziçi University's Department of Civil Engineering in Istanbul, Turkey.

Güniz Çelen (Çelen Corporate Property Valuation&Consulting-Board Member)

Güniz Çelen, is a Chartered Appraiser and is recognized as one of the most prominent 1,100 Counselors of the real estate world with her "CRE" designation and holds "FRICS" and "MAI" designations as well. Prior to launching her own firm in 1995, she worked in international construction contracts as project engineer, took executive position in international trade and investment projects and held title of Executive Vice President - Investments of KiSKA Group of Companies; with operations in Turkey, Middle East and USA. The 32 years of extensive and diversified hands-on experience in various areas of construction and investment environments blended with the advantage of her M.Arch and MBA degrees, has led to an accumulation of unique know-how in residential, commercial, hospitality and industrial development issues. Güniz Çelen is an active member of The Appraisal Institute, RICS, AIA, Gyoder (The Association of Real Estate Investment Companies), Turkish Consultant Engineers and Architects Association, The Istanbul Chamber of Architects, PMI and ULI. Güniz Çelen has also spent years in establishing the foundations of appraisal practice, has established the Appraisers' Association of Turkey and represented the Appraisers' Association of Turkey as Chairperson during 2001-2007 in IVSC and TEGoVA and continues to speak, teach and write for the development of the appraisal and counseling profession. 

Uğur Dumankaya (Dumankaya- Board Member)

Uğur Dumankaya was born in 1970. Following his graduation from Bilkent University Architecture and Environment Design Program in 1994, he got his MBA degree from Istanbul University Economics Institute. Uğur Dumankaya has been Board Member of Dumankaya Construction since 1994.

Faruk Göksu (Kentsel Strateji-Urban Planner )

A. Faruk Göksu is an urban planner who gives advisory services to the public, private sectors, local people especially for urban regeneration projects. He has several implemented public-private partnerships projects in Turkey. He was a general director of first public-private partnership named Orange Blossom Valley Project  which was organized by Portaş Inc. He is a specialist to bring people, private and public sector together for the project basis. He is dealing with the new urban instruments such as the transfer of development rights, negotiation and community participation models and methods for the pilot projects especially in Anotolian cities in Turkey. He also gives lectures about urban regeneration at the universities. 

Ertun Hızıroğlu (ERA Architects-Architect)

He was born in 1944 in İstanbul. He graduated from Saint Joseph Private French High School (Lycée de Saint Joseph) He started to study at the Academy of Fine Arts and graduated from The Department of Architecture in 1970. Following his graduation, he worked as an assistant at Yıldız Technical University between the years 1972 and 1979. He received his assistant professor degree in 1979 and honored as Professor in 1988. He attended various national and international competitions as competitor and jury member. He is currently running his own business, which is managed by the main offices located in Turkey, as well as the branches located in Sofia (1993), Bucharest (1995) and Paris (2001).

Tavit Köletavitoğlu (Atlas Project Corporation-Chairman)

Tavit Köletavitoğlu was born in Malatya in 1951. He graduated from the Middle East Technical University as a City and Regional Planner in 1973. He had worked for the Transtürk Group and NET Group as a manager and decision-maker between 1982-1991. In 1991, he joined the Yapı Kredi Bank as the CEO and Managing Director of Enternasyonal Inc.Co. In 1997, he founded Atlas Ltd.Co., that still functions as an independent consultancy company specialized on land development and project management services. Köletavitoğlu held the Presidency position of the Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TYD) from 1999 until 2003 and presently, he is the President of the Advisory Council. He holds many memberships and founderships at various professional organizations including the Turkish-Greek Business Council, Air Transportation and Tourism Commission (ICC, Paris), The Economic and Social History Foundation of Turkey (Istanbul), Turkish Financial Administrators Foundation (Istanbul), Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), Turkish Social Economic Political Research Foundation (TÜSES), Steering Group of OECD Project on International Air Transport, Foundation for the Preservation of Turkish Monuments and Environment, Turkish-German Dialog Group, Foundation of Istanbul 2023. He was the Chairman of the Tourism Sector Board of the Union of Turkish Chambers and Exchange Markets (2000-2001) and the President of the Experts' Committee on Tourism, Five-year Development Plan (2001-2005) of The State Planning Organization. In 2001, He was awarded "the top Manager role in the Management Category" in Year's Gold Man Contest by the readers of Para Magazine, a well-known financial magazine of Turkey.

Ramadan Kumova (Fer Construction-General Manager)

Ramadan Kumova is graduated from Bogaziçi University, Civil Engineering Department. He has more than 20 years of experience which starts from dam project at Enka. He was manager partner at a company which was working on marketing, market research and concept development consultancy. Since 2006, he is CEO of Eroğlu Construction and Real Estate Development. He managed the restructuring of the company and implemented 8 vital projects during this time. All these projects including also 3 malls, 3 houses and 1 office which are 1.000.000 m² will be completed in next 3 years. Kumova is a member of Urban Land Institute, Turkey Executive Council and GYODER. He is a regular conferencier mainly at GRI and at many local and international conferences. 

Enis Öncüoğlu (Öncüoğlu Architects-Architect)

He was born in Ankara, 1968. Oncuoglu completed his secondary education in T.E.D. AnkaraCollege between the years 1974 and 1985. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in architecture from METU Faculty of Architecture in 1989. He started working as the Assistant Manager of Oncuoglu Architecture where he became theGeneral Manager in 1996. Since 1998, he has been continuing his architectural practice with his partners Cem Altınoz and Onder Kaya. His main specialization field has been on retail, hospitality, healthcare, residential and work place projects. In the past ten years, Oncuoglu's main specialization area laid in retail projects, many of which have been realized in Turkey, Russia, the C.I.S. Countries and Eastern Europe.Since 1997, he has total number of 36 shopping centers which are constructed and under construction, 16 in Turkey, 16 in Russia and 4 in Kazakhstan. Among some of these shopping centers are: shopping centers in Turkey, Almaty, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, "Udelny Park" in St. Petersburg (which has been awarded as "the Best Shopping Center in St. Petersburg, 2006" by the CRE magazines), "Regions June" in St. Petersburg (which has been awarded as "the Best Shopping Center in St. Petersburg, 2007" by the CRE magazines). He won 29 prizes in national architecture competitions which seven is the 1st prize. He practices his profession internationally through Oncuoglu's four offices in Ankara, Istanbul, Moscow and Hamburg. He is married and has a son.

Hasan Rahvalı (Akdeniz Construction-General Manager)

Rahvalı graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Business Management and served as accounting manager at Hürriyet Ofset Matbaacılık ve Gazetecilik A.Ş. between 1985-1988. In 1988, he joined Agaoglu Group of Companies as the financial coordinator. Having served in numerous positions at the group until 2000, Rahvalı is currently the general manager of Akdeniz Construction and Education Services Inc. He served in various educational, cultural and social associations and foundations as member of the board and chair. He currently is a member of board in Kabatas Educational Foundation and in Istanbul Association of Builders. He is married with 4 children.

Firuz Soyuer (DTZ Pamir & Soyuer-Managing Partner)

Firuz Soyuer is graduated from the Department of Management Engineering of Istanbul Technical University in 1985. He has completed his master degree in finance from Carbondale, Southern Illinois University in 1988. Between 1990 and 1991, he worked as a specialist in Turkish Merchant Bank which is a Bankers Trust Co. association. Being one of the partners, he took a role in establishing process of DTZ Pamir & Soyuer in 1993. Being a member of ULI since 1999, he has been serving as the co-chairman of ULI Turkey Management Committee for 7 years. He has been also giving lectures about real estate market research and real estate finance at Real Estate Development Master Program in Istanbul Technical University.

Haluk Sur (ULI Turkey-Country Chairman)

Haluk Sur is Chairman of Paladin Realty Partners - Eurasia, the sponsor's investment advisor affiliate in Istanbul. Mr. Sur is a senior real estate professional with over 25 years of experience in the Turkish market. Prior to joining Paladin Realty, Mr. Sur was a member of the executive committee of Ihlas Holdings (1992-1997) and the founder and CEO of Ihlas REIT (1997-2006), one of the first publicly listed real estate investment trusts (REITs) in Turkey. Mr. Sur remains a Senior Advisor to the board of Ihlas Holdings. While at Ihlas Holdings, Mr. Sur acquired and developed real estate now valued at over $1.9 billion, including approximately 10,000 residential units and several commercial properties. From 1983 to 1992, Mr. Sur was the founder and managing director of Yapi Teknik Layout, which served as the design and construction coordinator for over a dozen schools and hospitals in Saudi Arabia and provided design and layout services for thousands of low- and middle-income housing units, cooperative units and luxury housing in Turkey. Mr. Sur was appointed Chairman of the Turkish council of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) in 2007. He was the co-founder of GYODER, the main Turkish real estate industry association, where he served as Vice Chairman in 2004 and Chairman from 2005 through 2006. He is also a member of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT), a regular co-chair of the GRI global real estate conferences, serves on the steering committee of Forum Istanbul, and is a board member of CEKUL, a Turkish cultural heritage organization. Mr. Sur graduated from Boğaziçi University with a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's of Science degree in Environmental Engineering. He also attended the University of Washington on a NATO scholarship for Environmental Engineering. From 1982 to 1983, Mr. Sur worked in the NATO Infrastructure Department during his military service.

Melkan Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu (Tabanlıoğlu Architects-Architect)

Born in 1970 in Istabul, Melkan Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu is graduated from the Department of Architecture of Istanbul Technical University. In 1993, she attended the architectural and urbanism program in Polytechnic University of Catalonia and joined in Tabanlıoğlu Architects in 1995. She is a member of Architecture Chamber and also served as a board member of Galatasaraylilar Dernegi. Being responsible of the corporate politics and overall management system of the company as well as the interior design works of Tabanlıoğlu Architects, she initiated to obtain ISO 9001 for Tabanlıoğlu Architects as the first Turkish architecture firm to have it. Mrs. Melkan Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu speaks English, Spanish and French.

Turgay Tanes (İş Real Estate İnvestment-General Manager)

He is graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science – Public Administration of Gazi University in 1987 and the following year, he started to work as the assistant inspector in Isbank in 1988. He worked as the vice president in Directorate of Affiliates Coordination in 1996 and as the group manager in charge with the works of glass and real estate sectors of the same directorship between the years of 1999-2004. Having been the general manager of Is Real Estate Investment Trust Co. since 2004, he is also the president of board of management of one of the associations of Isbank.

Tevfik Türel (Ata Real Estate-General Manager)

Having more than 22 years of experience in the fields of project management, project development and project consultancy, Tevfik Türel has been working as the general manager of Ata Gayrimenkul Geliştirme. Before started to work at Ata Real Estate, he had been working at ECE as the responsible general manager of development of new shopping centers. Holding the bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Boğaziçi University and MBA from Dallas University, he also had worked at Stewart as the Eurasia director of land/real estate data systems and title deed transactions.

Niyazi Vural (IMS-Managing Partner)

He was born in 1965 in Ankara. In 1989, he completed his undergraduate education in Industry Engineering Department in Istanbul Technical University. Same year, as being one of the founding partners of IMS Engineering, he started to give consultancy on planning and cost control at the construction field. He became one of the founding partners of IMS Software in 1996 which developed Icron used for tabulating and advanced planning in production sector and installed it successfully for many establishments. He took his place as a partner in 2000 in the process of franchising Icron Technologies Inc. in the United States. In 2003, he contributed to establishment of IMS Project Management SRL in order to serve in the field of project management in Romania. Niyazi Vural who contributes to expand the project management in Turkey has been supporting all events by IPYD since the establishment of it. He has been also the president of board of management of the association between the years of 2003-2004. He is also a member of PMI.
He speaks English, French and Russian.

Barış Yılmazkaya (ING Bank-Manager)

Born in 1974 in Ankara, Barış Yılmazkaya is graduated from Hacettepe University. After served respectively in TEB and Akbank Private Banking Departments, he has been working as the responsible manager of Denizbank mortgage and vehicle loans for the last four years. Along with this, he is also the member of board of management of Turkey Association of Mortgage Brokers as well as the member of Mortgage Banks Association of Turkey Working Group. He is also giving lectures on real estate consultancy in Lifelong Learning Center at Boğaziçi University.

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