Multifunctional Use

Akaretler Terraced Houses
Beşiktaş - Istanbul

Akaretler Terraced Houses was built by the architect Sarkis Balyan by the order of Sultan Abdulaziz in 1874, as a housing project for the use of Dolmabahce Palace's staff. The houses are regarded among the best civil architecture examples of 1870s with their neoclassical facade designs influenced by the early Baroque and Rococo styles. Built on a 59.500 m² area, the project is located on the Sair Nedim and Spor Streets. Aligned in parallel with the slope and having averagely 3 storeys, the project constitutes of 58 houses, a boutique hotel with 134 rooms, 34 stores, offices, cafés and restaurants, and also the Ataturk Museum and a car park with a capacity for 400 vehicles.

Construction Area: 59.500 m²
Construction Period: 2005-2008
Investor: Akaret Turizm Yatırımları AŞ
Developer: Akaret Turizm

Shopping Center

Meydan Shopping Center
Umraniye - Istanbul

With a striking architecture, thematical concept and sophisticated infrastructure technologies, Meydan Shopping Center has set new standards for shopping centres of the future and it has become the new "meeting point" of Istanbul's Asian side. Built by Metro Group Asset Management on an area of 128.000 m², with its 52 stores and store groups of different thematical concepts, the shopping center offers tens of local and international brands in hypermarket, furniture, accessories, fashion, sports, media, movie theater, food and multi-storey department stores.

Project Area: 127.822 m²
Construction Area: 130.000 m²
Construction Period: 2004 - 2007
Investor: Metro Group Asset Management Emlak Yönetim AŞ
Developer: FOA-Foreign Office Architects, England

Emerging Housing Project

Evidea Housing
Umraniye - Istanbul
Built in Istanbul's newly zoned for housing and rapidly developing region Cekmekoy, where there is new housing projects and also potential project areas, Evidea Housing was approached differently from the conventional residential projects. This was due to the existence of zoning regulations which regard the scales of the projects built by big investors rather than the scales of parcels. The project's total construction area, height limit of 9 storeys, determination methods of levels and open or closed cantilever rates were specified by the local authority and the decisions related to marketing and sales conditions were taken clearly and permanently by the investing company. The main aim was to do the architectural interpretation of these precise data.

Project Area: 34.000 m²
Construction Area: 105.000 m²
Construction Period: 2004 - 2006
Investor: Yapı Kredi Koray GYO, Doğuş-GE GYO
Architect: EAA, İhsan Bilgin, NSMH

Housing Renovation

Ali Hoca 6
Beyoglu - Istanbul

In 2006, the work began for turning three different building into houses in Galata: Aslan Han, Tatar Beyi and Ali Hoca. Having completely different dimensional and structural features from each other, these buildings' common point was being used for renting and housing and their facades facing each others'. The main idea was to prepare a restoration - renovation project with different concepts, which was to put forward the buildings' structural features. This also formed a basis for information about regional transformation instead of manipulations of big scale. In this building, where the most important aspect was the user's convenience, photovoltaic solar panels could be used due to the roof's dimensions and orientation. Thus it was possible to produce the major part of the energy required for water heating and heating system.

Project Area: 830 m²
Construction Area: 2.838 m²
Construction Period: 2007 - 2008
Investor: Galata AŞ
Developer: Galata AŞ
Architect: Plan A Mimarlik


Dogan Medya Center
Sogutozu - Ankara

Designed to be an original media building on the Ankara-Eskisehir road, DMC houses the TV channels and the newspapers Hurriyet, Milliyet owned by Dogan Group. The main body was designed as a cube, in harmony with the rectangular project area. This cube form was enhanced with different cubic shapes and a reshaping of the cube itself, starting from the facade. Extra volumes were gained by additions in cubic forms and also the same forms animated the building with reductions to the inside. The dynamic ambience created by the facade's symbolic use emphasizes today's colorful, rapidly changing life style and its reflections onto the media.

Project Area: 4.299 m²
Construction Area: 11.475 m²
Construction Period: 2006 - 2008
Investor: Ortadoğu Otomotiv


Four Seasons BOSPHORUS
Besiktas - Istanbul

With its spectacular location at the Bosphorus and modern elegance, Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus reflects modern Istanbul's changing profile with the grandeur of an Ottoman palace from the 19th century. The hotel is located on the European side of the legendary Bosphorus and overlooks the hills of the Asian side. Comprised of the palace and two additionally built new works of the traditional Turkish architecture, the project houses 166 rooms. The hotel's external spaces are spread out onto a wide terrace, covering 190 m along the sea shore. The Urban Spa of 2.100 m² under the terrace adds freshness to the space with its 3 different Hammams and indoor pool looking out to the sky. Among the hotel's conference and meeting facilities, there are two ball rooms with 1000 people capacity.

Project Area: 17.525 m²
Construction Area: 49.275 m²
Construction Period: 2001 - 2008
Investor: Atikpasha Turizm AŞ
Developer: Astay Gayrimenkul İnşaat Yatırım ve Turizm AŞ
Architect: Turgut Alton Mimarlik

Public Project

Eyüp - İstanbul

Spread on the 107.000 m² area which peninsulates at the endpoint of Halic between Alibeykoy and Kagithane creeks, Silahtaraga Power Plant was a typical modern industrial establishment of the period 1910-50s. Istanbul Bilgi University applied for its renovation and transformation into a museum, recreation and education facility. The different components of this considerably expansive project met on the common ground that the renovation was made painstakingly, considering the situation and the objects at hand when implementing and doing justice at every single point.

Project Area: 118.543 m²
Construction Area: 35.939 m²
Construction Period: 2004 - 2007
Investor- Developer: Istanbul Bilgi University
Architect: EAA, NSMH, Mimarlar AŞ

Jury Special Award

Bursa Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market
Nilufer - Bursa
After the wholesale market at the city center could not meet the needs of the growing city of Bursa, the new market was designed with a capacity two times more than the old one and also able to serve surrounding cities. The closed wholesale market concept which has been existing in Europe since the last century, was built in Turkey for the first time according to EU norms. Expanding on an area of 50 acres, the new market of Bursa has closed areas of totally 70.400 m², consisting of: 22.000 m² for shopping, 20.000 m² for agent offices, 2.400 m² for management-restaurant-office-hotel, 17.000 m² for water products, for the military police, the lorry and retailer entrances, box storage area and mosque.

Project Area: 201.400 m²
Construction Area: 70.000 m²
Construction Period: 2006 - 2008
Investor- Developer: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality
Architect: Tuncer Cakmakli Architects 

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