With “Real Estate Award” given by Arkitera Architecture Center in the scope of ArkiPARC which takes place under the motto “Dialogue for Urban Quality”, it is aimed to honor people and corporations who contribute to the quality of built environment.

ArkiPARC Real Estate Award 2012  
Real Estate Award 2012 too will honor project partners for their positive contributions to the cities, city-dwellers as well as to the investors and will encourage the similar investments.
Awarded for the first time in 2008, it has been given to project investors in six categories: house, office, hotel, mall, alternative investments and mix-use.
In 2012, the selection way will be different than the last years: the winners will be chosen during the two-day event. Participants and visitors to ArkiPARC 2012 will have a right to vote for once for each category and thus will chose the winners.
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