Kentsel Strateji

A: İstiklal Cd. Asmalı Mescit Mh. Tünel İşgeçit Hanı No.1 B/Blok Kat:1 No:125 Beyoğlu İstanbul
T: +90 212 252 02 77
F: +90 212 252 02 77
Activity Areas: Design Companies
For the future of cities, the basic component of the new urban structure is to prepare “Road Maps” through charettes with broad participation, within the frame of new vision and strategies. Kentsel Strateji tries to find answers to the basic questions of “Where are we?” – through the discussions of problems and opportunities by actors in the city,  and “Where do we go?”- through defining common vision and primary strategies. This approach is held through the method of BEK Analysis, which includes B(Public, Private, Civil Parties Expectations), 6E (Ecology, Economy, Equity, Acquire, Efficacy, Integration), 6K(Identity, Conservation, Capacity, Source, Participation, Urban Structure).
Kentsel Strateji (Urban Strategy) gives advisory service under the topics of; "Urban Vision "for reshaping future of cities by new urban structures, "Negotiation Management" to realize projects with public, private and civil partnership, "Strategic Design Charettes" for applicable projects, depending on common decisions of landowners, investors, civil sector participants.
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