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Kanyon, an urban oasis in Istanbul
A new life has begun in Istanbul. Opened in June 2006, Kanyon is a mixed-use project built in downtown Istanbul that brings together 179 residential apartments, a 26 story office block and 40.000 square meters of retail space. Rather than just creating another ‘project’, the intent has been to create a new destination neighbourhood in the city.
Istanbul, while offering a vast collection of ‘places’, lacks a coherent center that can link shopping, working, and living in an environment that puts the priority on us as humans. With Kanyon, the aim has been to create a heart-of-the-city that connects the people working, living, and shopping in the region and beyond, which will function more as an organic part of the urban space rather than a standard mall, office, or residential project.
The designers for Kanyon are the Jerde Partnership in collaboration with Tabanlioglu Architects.Their focus on the creation of ‘place’ rather than just a ‘building’ is very unique. Their primary concern is on how people interact with space, how this energy animates the environment, and how places can have a more intimate meaning in people’s lives beyond the physical space itself. It is a unique blend of design, understanding and directing human behavior, architecture, and urban planning.
Spread over 4 levels, in a primarily open air environment, the retail mix at Kanyon sets the stage for 4 totally distinct streets, each with its own energy and vibe. This innovative positioning allows visitors to really connect with brands, and makes finding your way around both intuitive and more exciting. Further, as most walking areas are covered, Kanyon blends open-air with comfort and allows visitors to experience the best of each season. More than this, Kanyon marries the convenience of the shopping center with the vibrant air of the street in an inspiring one-of-a-kind setting.
Kanyon is home to 160 stores, complete with the world’s leading fashion department store Harvey Nichols as the anchor, gourmet supermarket, fashion brands, cafe/restaurants, cinemas, health club, and outdoor performance areas.
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